Rodger Fox Big Band

Easily the most accomplished act to feature on our tiny station so far, Rodger quite literally schools musicians in honing their craft as Senior Lecturer for the New Zealand School of Music / Victoria University.

Their EP “Hipwalk” features a smooth, strolling style and precisely measured brass, with Erna Ferry providing lush vocals on the opening track “Give Me One Reason” and the incredible, dulcet “Misty Blue”, as featured on the start of our show this week.


A long time ago, in a radio station far far away, TripleFFF first met SlightlyWired at a christmas function for hardhouse junkies in a bar called Space. These tracks hark back to the heady heyday of late 00’s hard dance.
There’s only two tracks produced, and in 6 years they have been played 42 times. THIS is the kind of stuff we covet here.

Grinding sawtooth sub bass and washing melodic keys, slap back snare and twisty acid synth, this is a window into mid city apartment lounges and backroom parking lot music production.

You probably won’t find this any more, which is why we’re playing it ❤

P.L.U.R and keep the memories alive.

Manos Lindas

Hauntingly beautiful violin strains and tight, rocking, driving drum beats underscore this album release by the Bay Area threesome.

From the nostalgic, wistful Grandmatude to the funky licks on RnB covers of Bootylicious and Return Of The Mac, “If These Hands Could Rock” is an album that will snuggle comfortably into even the fringe-iest, red wine and absinthe soaked dinner party playlist.

Light your skull candles and check this out.



Whatever you do, don’t play this if you’re trying to go to sleep, operate a vehicle, brush your teeth or eat soup without a raincoat. This DnB is so heavy it actually melted part of the studio.


Christchurch powerhouse metal group Etheran made it to the national battle of the bands finals in 2018 and it’s easy to see why with their thundering bass riffs and tearing vocals.

Check them out this weekend at Rock4Love April 14th in Christchurch

Here it is. Let Me Go – Etheran.
Available everywhere.